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drilleys espadrilles
  • Espadrille shoes, or espadrilles, are a popular and simple flat casual shoe. They originated in the Pyrenees Mountains and have been worn in the Mediterranean area for over 700 years. They are often handmade with materials such as hemp or jute to create strong, lightweight, and flexible soles. In the mid-twentieth century, espadrilles began to gain popularity in the public eye, thanks to celebrities such as Grace Kelly, John F. Kennedy, Earnest Hemingway and Pablo Picasso. These famous names helped turned the once peasant footwear into a worldwide sensation.
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  • Drilleys USA® espadrilles have remained true to the original shoes' traditional designs - but with updated fabrics, colors, and accents.
    "We produce authentic espadrilles in the rich 700-year Spanish and French Mediterranean tradition. With natural jute, hemp, and cotton construction, our shoes are healthful, stylish, and kind to the environment. Click to shop men’s, women’s, or kids’ espadrilles or simply use our search function for our full range of colors and patterns. We offer urban style espadrilles, campus espadrilles, and our seaside styles."
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  • FIT
  • No shoe fits better than an authentic handmade espadrille! The sole is made of braided and coiled natural fibers. It is firm but pliable. As you wear the shoe, the fibers of the sole will naturally confirm to the unique shape of your foot, which gives you a healthy and relaxing stride. It often takes a day or two to get used to this new liberated feeling, but 700 years of history has shown the benefit. You may want to wear your Drilleys inside on a carpeted surface for the first few days to make sure the fit is right and to give the shoe time to adapt to your foot.

    Your new Drilleys might feel smaller than any shoe you’ve ever worn before, but as they stretch to uniquely fit your foot, the result is like walking at one with Mother Earth. Make sure your Drilleys fit snugly in the toe and don’t slip off your heel. Wear them 2-3 times indoors for a few minutes at a time until they fit just like your perfect jeans!
  • Narrow sleek profile Cotton blend fabric upper Drilleys embossed jute Thick cotton "signature" lining Color coordinating
    pig split leather heel reinforcement Tab.
    Hand stitching throughout Hand-formed jute foot bed Non-petroleum based rubber outsole